Ecosystem card - Beetles in the Prairie

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Ohlone Tiger Beetles are only found in a few pockets of Coastal Prairie in Santa Cruz County. They need disturbance in the prairie to provide the open ground they rely on for breeding habitat. But a bright green beetle sitting out in the open may be easy prey for a hungry Northern Flicker. Flickers eat mostly on the ground - consuming beetles, earthworms, pill bugs, and other invertebrates. A healthy coastal prairie is home to a wide variety of native plants, including the state flower - California Poppy and the state grass - Purple Needlegrass. Butter and Eggs, a relative of the paintbrushes and owls clovers, also share the prairie habitat.

These California Ecosystem illustrations feature threatened, endangered, or endemic species that highlight some unique aspect of California's incredibly diverse habitats. Each card has a short description of the creatures and relationships printed on the back.  

Cards are blank inside and locally printed on 100% cotton paper. They measure 6" x 6" square. Envelopes included. Can be mailed with a single USPS First Class stamp.