Ecosystem card - Wrens on the Hazelnuts

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 This illustration focuses on the ecological relationships in redwood-adjacent forest. Pacific Wrens perch on the slender branches of California Hazelnut, singing their complex songs. Woodland Cicadas rasp their abdomens to advertise their presence during the first warm days of summer. Underfoot, Dusky-footed Woodrats gather Tan Oak acorns and use Bay Laurel leaves to fumigate their dens.

These California Ecosystem illustrations feature threatened, endangered, or endemic species that highlight some unique aspect of California's incredibly diverse habitats. Each card has a short description of the creatures and relationships printed on the back.  

Cards are blank inside and locally printed on 100% cotton paper. They measure 6" x 6" square. Envelopes included. Can be mailed with a single USPS First Class stamp.